Vape Cart Battery: The Iconic Guide

Whether you’re new to vaping or want to upgrade your current setup, you may wonder which vape cart battery best suits your needs. With such a wide variety of models out there, it can take a bit of time and research to pick the perfect fit. In this guide, we’ll explore different vape cart batteries and their most important features to consider, such as battery life, voltage, and size.


What are vape cart batteries?

The vape cart battery is the part of the vape that stores and sends power to a cartridge, warming the heating element and vaporizing the extract contained within. Vape cart batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as rechargeable and disposable options. These batteries are typically charged using USB adapters or cables and offer a convenient, discreet way to enjoy cannabis on the go. 


What to look for when shopping for vape cart batteries

While researching vape cart battery options, keep these items in mind:

  • Capability: Not all vape cart batteries are the same. You should always ensure that your chosen battery is compatible with the vape cartridge you’re using. While most standard vape cartridges are compatible with 510 batteries, some companies, like STIIIZY or PAX, make batteries that only function with their own proprietary pods.
  • Capacity: Consider how much and how often you consume when choosing a battery. Those who vape very frequently may want to pick a battery with a higher capacity so you won’t run out of power mid sesh. If you’re looking for occasional use, you won’t need as many bells and whistles on your vape pen battery. And if you’re traveling or picking up something for a special occasion, you may want to consider a disposable vape pen that has the battery and the vape cart built into the same unit.
  • Features: Different vape pen batteries offer different features, from magnetic adapters for easily attaching and detaching cartridges to LED lights that display information about battery life, voltage, and other settings. Some devices are even compatible with a mobile app that can show information like strain details and offer precise temperature control, but those advanced devices are less common overall.
  • Size and portability: While some batteries are small and discreet for on-the-go use, others are much bulkier, offering less portability but more power and additional features. Consider how you plan to use your device and where you plan to carry it, then choose a battery size accordingly.
  • Voltage: Different batteries offer different voltage outputs, which can have an effect on the flavor and intensity of your session. While higher-voltage batteries often produce more intense flavors, lower-voltage batteries may provide a smoother experience for new users. Some batteries feature adjustable voltage settings to customize your vaping experience altogether. 

How do vape pens work? 

Vape pens typically consist of a battery and a cartridge containing your extract of choice. Vape cart batteries work by connecting to the cartridge, which contains a heating element that vaporizes the extract. That vapor is then inhaled through a mouthpiece attached to the cartridge.

Vape pens generally use conduction heating, which works by heating the extract directly through contact with a heating source. When using a vape pen with a 510 thread cartridge, for example, the battery powers a heating element inside the cartridge. The heating element warms up and transfers heat to the cannabis oil inside the cartridge, converting it to a vapor which can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. In a vape cartridge, the heating element is typically made of a metal coil that comes in direct contact with the extract to vaporize it. 

There is another method of heating you may encounter in more advanced portable vaporizers, though it is quite rare in vape pens. It’s called convection heating, which involves the movement of heated air over the extract or flower in order to vaporize it, rather than direct contact with a heating element. This is more common in portable vaporizers like the Firefly 2+ or desktop vaporizers like the Storz and Bickel Volcano.


Do vape carts fit on any battery?

The simple answer is that any cartridge with a standard 510 thread will fit on any standard 510 threaded battery. 510 batteries are the most common you will find. However, some specifically branded cartridges are designed to work with their vape model and will only work with compatible devices. These include products like the PAX Era, a popular pod-based vape pen that only works with PAX Era pods.

Most vape cart manufacturers will specify the type of cartridge or threading their products use. However, it’s safe to assume that most vape carts are built with the 510 thread standard unless they say otherwise. It’s essential to check the compatibility of the vape cart with the battery before using them together to ensure optimal performance.


What vape cart battery models are out there?

Your options fall into two major categories: 510 thread, and everything else. Here’s a bit you should know about each.


510 thread batteries

510 thread batteries are the most commonly used batteries for vape cartridges. The term “510” refers to the size and type of threading used on the battery and cartridge connection, which measures 510mm. It typically features a cylindrical shape and a 510 thread connector at the top, which can be screwed onto the vape cartridge.

510 batteries come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and styles, from simple slim bodies batteries without any buttons to box styles with much more features. They are generally preferred for their simplicity, portability, and ubiquity. While finding the correct pods for certain standalone brands may be complicated, you’re likely to see 510 compatible cartridges at any provisioning center. Examples of popular 510 thread batteries include CCell Silo, the Vessel Expedition, and the PCKT One Plus.


Standalone brands

Standalone vape cart batteries specialize in producing and selling their own specific vape cartridges and batteries. These devices are designed to work only with their proprietary pods or cartridges. While these types of batteries may be less convenient when purchasing pods, they typically offer more features in terms of product input, voltage output, and battery life. 

Examples of popular standalone vape cart battery brands include the Monster Xtracts Dart, STIIIZY, and the Pax Era.


How to use vape cart batteries

Using vape cart batteries correctly is important to ensure you get the most out of your session. While many vape cart batteries do work similarly, there is some variation between specific product types.


510 thread batteries

Always make sure your 510 vape battery is fully charged before use. Once charged, simply attach the cartridge to the battery by screwing it into the thread. Once connected, press the button on the battery to activate the heating element and begin inhaling. Some 510 batteries offer additional functions like preheating or varied voltage, so be sure to read the manual that comes with your device to get the most out of it.


Proprietary systems

Proprietary systems essentially function the same as 510 thread batteries. However, each system may have its own unique way of attaching the cartridge or pod and powering up the device. The STIIIZY, for example, features automatic draw detection. All you need to do to activate the system is insert any STIIIZY pod into the battery and inhale – no button is required. A blinking white light will indicate that the pod is in correctly, while a blinking red light indicates a bad connection.

All vape pen batteries work slightly differently, so it’s always best to read the manual before beginning the use of any new device.


How much do vape cart batteries cost? 

The cost of vape cart batteries can vary greatly, from $10 for the most basic models to more than $100 for the most advanced. While most vape cart batteries serve the same purpose,  some offer more functions and varying temperatures.

510 batteries are the most popular and affordable option for vape cart batteries. These batteries typically have fixed voltage output, simple designs, and no extra features or settings. 510 batteries are often sold for around $10 and can be found at smoke shops, gas stations, and convenience stores.

Disposable vape pens offer another affordable option for those who don’t want to invest in a reusable battery. Disposable vape cart batteries come pre-loaded with a cartridge and can be found at most cannabis provisioning centers. They are designed for one-time use and do not need to be charged. You’ll find these options at provisioning centers across Michigan, such as the Crude Boys disposable carts sold at Iconic Wellness.

Other vape batteries, like the high-end Pax Era Pro, feature much more precise temperature control and typically retail at around $70. These are best for frequent vapers who plan to regularly use their device.


What is the best voltage for a vape cart battery? 

While the best voltage setting will vary depending on your preference, most vape cartridges are designed to work with a battery that has a voltage range of 3.3 to 4.8 volts. Some batteries offer just one set temperature that cannot be changed. Fixed-temperature batteries are typically less expensive and easier to use because there are no adjustable settings.

Other vape cart batteries can change temperatures to offer more flexibility and customizable options. Adjustable temperature batteries typically rely on colored LED lights, which generally indicate different temperatures; however, some are much more specific.

It’s important to note that adjustable batteries require a bit more knowledge and experience than fixed-temperature batteries. However, the choice between the two will ultimately depend on personal preference.


How long does the charge last on a vape cart battery?

The battery life of vape cart batteries depends on several factors, such as frequency of use and voltage output. Generally, vape cart batteries can last anywhere from a few hours to several days on a single charge. Lower output and less frequent use can prolong the battery life, as well as poor charging habits. Reading the device’s manual for specific instructions on optimizing battery life is essential.


How to clean your vape cart battery

Cleaning your vape cart battery is a simple but essential part of maintaining its functionality and lifespan. For most 510 batteries, cleaning your device is as simple as making sure the contacts between battery and cartridge are clean. Using a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol, remove any residue on the contacts. Store your battery separate from the cart to reduce the chance your vape cart will break.

More expensive devices sometimes require more extensive care. The maintenance procedures for each of these electronic devices are unique, so always follow the processes described in your device owner’s manual.


How to store your vape cart battery

Proper storage of your vape cart battery is vital to ensure its longevity and safety. Powering the battery off and removing the cartridge after each use is the best way to avoid any accidental powering or discharge. You should also store your battery and cartridge separately in a cool, dry place away from excess sun or heat, as exposure to extreme temperature or moisture can cause damage.


How to charge your vape cart battery

Although the specific process may vary depending on the model of your device, charging your vape cart battery typically involves connecting the battery’s charging port to a USB charger using the appropriate cable or adapter. Simply plug the USB into a power source. Most standard batteries will have an LED light that changes color to indicate charging status, with a green light generally meaning a full charge. Because of the battery’s relatively small size, it won’t need to spend much time on the charger.

It’s always best to refer to the manufacturer’s guide for instructions on adequately charging your specific device. It’s also a good idea to avoid overcharging your vape cart battery to maintain its lifespan and prevent safety hazards.


The right vape cart battery goes a long way

With so many vape cart battery options available, it’s crucial you select a battery that meets your individual needs and preference. If you’re looking for a wide range of high-quality vape products, Iconic Wellness is the perfect place to shop. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right cartridge or pod for your device and further explore the vaping world with ease. 

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