Sip Your Cannabis With These 3 Non Alcoholic THC Cocktails

Drinking your cannabis? That’s genius! Non-alcoholic THC cocktails offer a convenient, discreet way to get your buzz on, whether you’re hanging out at home or mingling with friends. There’s all sorts of creative ways to reach for a sip instead of a smoke, including THC mocktails that put a whole new spin on cannabis.

What is a THC cocktail? 

THC cocktails are a type of cannabis infused beverage that mimics the flavor and appearance of a typical cocktail, but sans alcohol. Instead, these mocktails are made with THC. With a THC drink, there’s no need for smoking or vaping; simply sip your cannabis and wait for it to take effect.

Don’t want to mix your own cocktail? Michigan recently allowed the sale of cannabis beverages, and Iconic Wellness is proud to be among the first provisioning centers in the state to carry Tonic beverages.

3 THC cocktails to shake up your next gathering

You can make THC cocktails yourself with a cannabis tincture, liquid cannabis extract, or a beverage powder or similar additive. Cannabis tinctures typically come in small dropper bottles that you can easily measure to add to food or a beverage, and you can pick up a tincture at any Iconic Wellness location to get started.

Once you’ve picked your preferred tincture, give one of these recipes a try. Remember, every person will be a little different when finding the correct tincture amount for your cocktail. While we recommend an average amount of 10mg THC, this can vary from person to person. 

1. Watermelon mojito-inspired refresher

Craving something sweet and refreshing? This Watermelon Mojito recipe from Ooze Life is perfect for every season. Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • 1 cup of cubed watermelon 
  • Fresh mint leaves 
  • Cucumber slices 
  • 1 lime 
  • 4 tbsp of sugar/sweetener 
  • 4 cups of club soda 
  • THC Tincture (dose to your preference) 

Start muddling watermelon and mint in the bottom of a pitcher. Next, add ice cubes, cucumber slices, and the sweetener of your choice. Dose THC tincture, add club soda, and stir. Garnish each glass with lime. Get the full instructions on the Ooze Life website.

2. Infused Hot Toddy

This cannabis-infused hot toddy recipe from Leafly is perfect for the winter or holiday season. For this, you will need: 

  • 1 to 2 cups hot cider 
  • ¼ ounce of honey
  • Your desired amount of tincture 
  • 1 cinnamon stick (garnish) 
  • 1 lemon wedge (garnish) 

To begin, heat up your cider either in the microwave or on the stovetop. Next, simply combine the hot cider, honey, and tincture, and stir. Don’t forget the cinnamon stick and lemon wedge for garnish! 

3. Lit Lemonade 

For this infused lemonade from Soft Secrets, start by juicing 2 lemons by hand or with a juicer. You’ll also need the following: 

  • 1 cup sugar 
  • 1 cup warm water 
  • 3 cups cold water 
  • 5 mg or desired dose of tincture 
  • Lemon slice (garnish) 

Once you’ve prepared your lemon juice, begin by mixing the sugar in warm water until the sugar dissolves to create a simple syrup mixture. Next, add the lemon juice and simple syrup with 3 cups of cold water. Top with the THC tincture, sliced lemons for garnish, and ice cubes to serve! 

How are THC cocktails made? 

Pre-made cannabis beverages are typically made using a process called nanoemulsification to blend oil and water, a necessity when combining cannabinoids and water to ensure a consistent, predictable experience. 

Options like powders, drops, and syrups enable you to mix your own THC mocktails at home, too. These products can be used along with your favorite recipes to create the perfect concoction, whether you’re pairing a drink with dinner or attending a friend’s get together. Infused beverage additives give you total control over the types of cannabis beverages you create and the amount of THC you want to consume.

How do THC cocktails work? 

THC cocktails work similarly to edibles and other orally ingested cannabis products. When you drink an infused beverage, THC (and other cannabinoids) are digested in the stomach and metabolized by the liver. This converts THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, which may cause more potent intoxication for some, so be sure to start with a low amount and only consume more slowly over time as needed.

THC cocktails generally take about 30 minutes to digest, enter your circulation, and begin to take effect. However, onset time can take up to 2 hours, depending on factors like how recently you’ve eaten and the precise formulation of the beverage. Infused beverages that are made using nanoemulsification are likely to take effect more quickly. This is because the cannabinoids in these drinks are so small that they can absorb through tissue in your mouth, throat, and stomach without the need for metabolization. 

Always check the label and ask your budtender what type of product you’re buying so you know what to expect.

How much THC is in a THC cocktail? 

The THC content in one of these mocktails can vary significantly depending on the product or how you’ve mixed it yourself. 

Always start with a low amount of THC and only gradually increase as needed to avoid an unpleasant or overwhelming experience. A good starting point is 5mg THC, which should give you an idea of your tolerance level and whether you need more or less. After consuming a 5mg THC cocktail, wait up to an hour to gauge how you feel. If you need more to achieve the feeling you want, go ahead and mix another drink.

If you’re seeking a pre-made infused beverage, the legal limit for pre-made cannabis-infused beverages in Michigan currently stands at 10mg THC per beverage and 100mg THC per package for medical and adult use.

While those new to cannabis may be overwhelmed by high-dose products, experienced consumers may not feel any effects from low doses of THC. You should also consider your surroundings. Some infused products may be ideal for relaxing on the couch, but they may not be best for socializing at a friend’s party.

How do THC cocktails differ from CBD cocktails? 

THC and Cannabidiol (CBD) cocktails both have their place in your alcohol-free bar. Unlike THC-infused beverages, CBD cocktails are typically non-intoxicating, so they won’t make you feel high. Instead, CBD cocktails beverages are intended to provide some therapeutic effects without that “high” feeling.

There are also 1:1 THC:CBD beverages, which make an excellent option for those who want the benefits of both cannabinoids and a mild high that won’t overwhelm. Generally, THC beverages with a 1:1 ratio of CBD offer a range of therapeutic benefits and help mitigate the anxiety sometimes associated with high THC, but still offer the experience you might want if you’re hanging out at a party or other social event. 

If you’re looking for different types of cannabis cocktails, ask a budtender about what’s available at your local Iconic Wellness provisioning center. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to point you in the right direction.

What are the benefits of THC cocktails? 

Whether you prefer to drink your cannabis instead of smoking or just want a non-alcoholic alternative at a party, THC cocktails are great choices for the following reasons:

  • Onset time: The stomach absorbs liquids more quickly than solids. This means that THC cocktails can kick in relatively fast. While edibles can take a few hours to kick in, THC cocktails often take effect in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Taste: THC cocktails offer many different flavors suited to any taste. This makes these drinks perfect for enjoying a tasty beverage and getting a bit of buzz without the need for any alcohol.

  • Discretion: THC cocktails offer a simple and highly discreet method of consumption, making them perfect if you are looking for something more low key than a joint or vape. They are perfect for situations where you want to socialize but smoking may not be welcomed.

  • Options: Many people love THC cocktails because of the variety of flavors and dosage options. Cannabis infused beverages may come in servings as small as 1mg THC, and mixing your own THC cocktails using infused powders or drops means you can control how much you add.

  • Microdosing: THC cocktails are ideal for microdosing, the process of consuming small amounts of cannabis throughout the day. Simply take a few sips as needed over time without the need to wait a long time for the effects or step away to vape.

Get your ingredients at Iconic Wellness

If you don’t want to try your hand as a cannabis mixologist, Iconic Wellness also carries Tonic beverages, known for their delicious flavors and ease of use. The original 12 oz Tonic includes an easy dose strip to help you know how much to consume. Some even come in 1:1 balanced varieties if you want a more mild experience that brings in CBD. If you’re looking for a simple introduction to THC cocktails, stop by an Iconic Wellness dispensary in Gaylord, Sturgis, or Lowell to learn more today!

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