Michigan Cherries Strain Review

Michigan Cherries is the pride of the Wolverine State, and not just because of its name. Between a scrumptious flavor profile and potent consumption experience courtesy of the local cultivators at FLWRPot, Michigan Cherries is sure to please. For more information on this unique strain that’s straight out of Michigan’s own backyard, check out our review of this homegrown cultivar.


Michigan Cherries fast facts

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Tropicana Cherry x Modified Mints
  • Average THC content: 25% THC
  • Average CBD content: <1% CBD
  • Dominant terpenes: Myrcene, limonene
  • Appearance: Michigan Cherries is notable for its big, hearty, dark green flower with shocks of purple throughout and frosty trichome coat. These fluffy yet dense buds highlight the exceptional yield offered by Michigan Cherries’s genetics.
  • Potential effects: Expect stress alleviating relaxation and pain relief that can take the edge off while boosting your mood and creating a sense of lightweight happiness.

    What’s the Michigan Cherries experience like?

    Michigan Cherries combines the best of Tropicana Cherry and Modified Mints genetics, creating a happy, relaxing experience ideal for adult-use consumers and medical patients alike. The aromas and flavors are reminiscent of the strain’s parentage as well, bringing forward the fruity sweetness of Tropicana Cherry.


    What do Michiganders have to say about Michigan Cherries?

    The reviews are in and Michiganders love Michigan Cherries. A quick review of a post on a Reddit forum for consumers is all it takes to see the community is loving it. References to “impressive quality” and the way “trichomes litter the surface … causing it to sparkle” capture the aesthetic of Michigan Cherries nicely.

    The reviewer goes on to praise the aroma of the strain as well calling it a “super fruity citrus-orange smell” and “phenomenally fruity and floral … truly delightful on the nose.” And comments regarding the taste were much the same, referencing its “super sweet inhale” that “left your lips tasting fruity” and was “clearly bred to impress.”

    Finally, the effects of Michigan Cherries were lauded by the reviewer, who noted that “relaxation seeps in” as a body high can be felt all over shortly after smoking.

    FLWRPot cultivator Joel Boyce praised the cultivar as “by far the best in-house strain we have.”

    “The production is unreal with it,” he said. “It’s a fantastic commercial strain. It produces high cannabinoid content, great terpenes, and it’s just an easy strain to work with. I can’t wait to enter Michigan Cherries into next year’s Cannabis Cup.”


    Where does Michigan Cherries come from?

    Michigan Cherries was developed by FLWRPot’s Boyce and his brother by crossing their High Time Cannabis Cup winning Tropicana Cherry and Modified Mints. The strain was one of the first products to emerge from FLWRPot’s genetics program and was inspired by the success of the cultivators’ Tropicana Cherry plants.

    The story of how FLWRPot got their hands on the Tropicana Cherry genetics that ultimately paved the way for this unique, homegrown strain is a funny one. To learn more about how Boyce obtained Tropicana Cherry and was able to breed Michigan Cherries, read our FLWRPot profile spotlighting our cultivation partner.


    Where to shop for Michigan Cherries

    You can buy Michigan Cherries at any Iconic Wellness provisioning center. If you’re looking for this tasty, unique strain, stop by one of our locations in Sturgis, Lowell, or Gaylord and ask a budtender to show you our selection of Michigan Cherries. And, as always at Iconic, you can select your buds deli-style, picking the ones you like the most straight out of the jar to bring home with you. With such beautiful, vibrant, aromatic flower like Michigan Cherries, you’ll have quite the choice to make!


    Michigan Cherries is putting the Wolverine State on the map

    Michigan is making quite the name for itself in the legal cannabis industry, and Michigan Cherries continues that tradition. Bred and cultivated with care and passion, this strain must be experienced to be believed. So stop by your local Iconic Wellness dispensary today and give Michigan Cherries a try!

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