Iconic Wellness Holiday Deals: Shop These Green Wednesday Specials

The holidays are quickly approaching. If you’re anything like us, you’re already preparing to stock up your stash in advance. Many provisioning centers offer specials on products for Green Wednesday and Black Friday – the days before and after Thanksgiving. At Iconic Wellness, we’re offering extended holiday deals from November 23 through November 27th to help you prepare for Thanksgiving and beyond. 


Flower and preroll deals for Green Wednesday 2022

All three Iconic Wellness locations offer deli-style cannabis. With buds stored in large jars for individual selection, deli-style cannabis allows you to examine each nug before bringing it home – making it ideal for more selective smokers or if you want to try new strains. Iconic Wellness is offering the following deals on our deli-style cannabis and prerolls from November 23rd – 27th, 2022:

  • $79/oz deal on select strains
  • Build your own ounce in half-ounce increments
    • Half-ounce for $55
    • 1 ounce for $99
    • 1.5 ounces for $145
    • 2 ounces for $185
    • 2.5 ounces for $225
  • Get 1 ounce of flower and 7 prerolls for $125
  • House pre-rolls are 7 for $50
  • Preroll Bundles – get14 1g prerolls for $50
  • J’s & Redemption joints
    • Get 1 pack for $40
    • Get 2 packs for $75
    • Get a carton of 10 packs for $375


Green Wednesday concentrates deals

We’re also running deals on some of our favorite in-store brands for concentrates, including:

  • PC Pure 510 thread & V-fire are 5 for $50 or 10 for $85 – Mix and match!
  • Monster & Muha Live Resin Carts (M&M) are 3 for $55
  • Monster & Trap House sugars and badders are (M&M) 4 for $55
  • Monster & Redemption caviar and desert sand (M&M) are 3 for $60
  • Monster & Redemption RSO syringe & tincture and 3 for $50

Edible and infused drink deals for Green Wednesday

Chill out Thanksgiving weekend with your favorite edibles, now on mega deals!

  • Monster and PC Pure 200mg gummies (M&M) are 7 for $50
  • Youmist sprays (M&M) are 3 for $50
  • Tonic beverages are 2 for $30 and get a FREE infused preroll from Hard Rocker with your purchase

Stock up with Iconic Wellness & Provisioning

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays with Iconic! Take advantage of our November sales to stock your personal stash, or get a head start on your holiday shopping. After all, is there really a better gift than cannabis? 

We are open our regular hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., on Green Wednesday and Black Friday. We are proudly closed for Thanksgiving so our staff can celebrate the holidays with their friends and family. Find your nearest Iconic location and get shopping!

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Hear From Iconic Customers
Don’t just take our word for it. Hear why our customers think we’re Iconic.

The environment is fresh and full of positivity. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help. Product selection is top shelf quality and presented in a very inviting manner. The Lowell location is beautiful. You won’t regret shopping here!

Matthew S.

I’ve been about all over the southwestern area for my “bud hubs” but by far Iconic has a larger supply of variety, the prices that I’m aware of are the best within 100 miles. And the customer service is beyond phenomenal… This place has all you will need.

Shane K.

The budtenders were very friendly and knowledgeable! They had a very good selection and the place just has a good vibe. I recommend Iconic to anyone and I’ll definitely be back!

Nicholas K.

If you are looking for the best quality bud, Iconic is the place to go! They have amazing staff who have great knowledge of all the products. This place has so many amazing options, from the bud to the edibles.

Carrie R.