Georgia Pie Strain Review

Georgia Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid cultivar (AKA strain) aptly named for its peach cobbler flavor and bakery-esque aroma, reminiscent of a fresh-baked dessert straight out of a southern kitchen’s oven. And, much like a homemade treat, Georgia Pie is known for lifting spirits and stoking appetites — so consider keeping a real pie on hand! For more information on Georgia Pie and what to expect with this strain, check out our review.

Georgia Pie fast facts

  • Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid
  • Genetics: Gelatti x Kush Mintz
  • Average THC content: 24%
  • Average CBD content: 0%
  • Dominant terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Appearance: Georgia Pie is notable for its chunky nugs with beautifully vibrant green and purple hues. Its sticky and dense buds are covered in frosty, crystal-like trichomes and orange-amber hairs, making for an aesthetically pleasing flower.
  • Potential effects: Expect to feel happy and uplifted when consuming Georgia Pie, but look out for the munchies!

What’s the Georgia Pie experience like? 

Georgia Pie combines the uplifting, euphoric effects of limonene with the calming, relaxing effects of caryophyllene to create a happy, mood-boosting experience. The aromas and flavors of the strain are precisely what you would expect from the name: sweet, savory, and fruity like a peach cobbler.

Why try Georgia Pie? 

Georgia Pie is a customer favorite thanks to its delicious flavors and dense bud structure. Consider Georgia Pie if you’re a fan of robust terpene profiles that deliver exceptional aromas and flavors. Also consider Georgia Pie if you like a laid-back, happy vibe, as this indica-dominant strain excels at boosting moods and promoting relaxation. Perfect for a quiet night at home, Georgia Pie might just be the dessert you’re looking for.

What do Michiganders say about Georgia Pie?

Michiganders are loving Georgia Pie. References to the strain on AllBud note the bud’s “sturdy structure” and “full-bodied high,” as well as the way it provides for a “lifted state of pure happiness and euphoria.” Other comments referred to the strain’s delicious taste, with one reviewer describing it as “creamy” as well as “fruity and sweet.” 

A Reddit forum described the buds as “dense and soft.” The reviewer goes on to note the aroma as “very fruity” and describes the effects, saying they felt “extremely relaxed.” 

Where does Georgia Pie come from?

Georgia Pie is a cultivar bred by Seed Junky Genetics, a breeder located in California. Seed Junky Genetics got its start in the early 2000s, operating out of a small garage in Southern California. Founder JBeezy is credited with developing well-known cultivars like Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, and Kush Mints, to name a few. 

Georgia Pie represents yet another achievement from Seed Junky Genetics, which is focused on pheno-hunting to capture the best terpene flavors, cannabinoid potency, and yields. When consuming Georgia Pie and tasting that peach cobbler flavor, their passion for bringing new flavors to market is apparent.

Where to shop for Georgia Pie 

Shop for Georgia Pie at any Iconic Wellness & Provisioning location throughout Michigan. Stop by our Lowell, Sturgis, or Gaylord locations to talk more about Georgia Pie with a budtender and discover if it’s the right option for you. Check out the Iconic menu for Gaylord, Lowell, and Sturgis before you head in to make sure Georgia Pie’s in stock. And best of all, Georgia Pie is one of our house prerolls that starts at just $4.20 a joint!

If you’re also interested in trying other cultivars, we offer deli-style buying options so you can select the buds you like most straight out of the jar to bring home with you. Come in and see for yourself just what makes us so iconic.

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