These Are The 10 Best Strains for Mental Relaxation

Stress is a normal part of everyday life for most of us. Cannabis is used all over the world as a means to relax and unwind, so it’s no surprise that relaxation is among the top reasons why Michiganders head to the provisioning center. But not all cannabis products are the key to unwinding – you’ll need to get a bit deeper for that. Which strains are the best for calming your mind and body? Here’s a list of 10 of the best strains for mental relaxation.

The 10 best strains for mental relaxation

Different cannabis cultivars, also called strains, offer different effects. Relaxation is chief among them – no wonder so many people turn to cannabis to unwind. When it’s time to unwind, at Iconic Wellness we reach for the following cultivars.

1. Purple Widow 

Originally bred in the Netherlands in 2007, Purple Widow is a cross between White Widow and Purple Power. Generally noted for providing a relaxing body high, Purple Widow has an average Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of 18%. Its dominant terpenes include myrcene, a calming and relaxing terpene that generally demonstrates relaxing, pain-relieving properties. Purple Widow also includes beta-caryophyllene and pinene, known for soothing and easing your mind.  

2. Ice Cream Cake 

An indica stain made from crossing Wedding Cake and Gelato 33, Ice Cream Cake is generally very potent and favored for its sleep-inducing effects. This strain features notes of beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool, making it ideal for relaxing in a bubble bath and lightening the mood after a long day. 

3. GSC

One of the most popular cultivars, GSC is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison. GSC is packed full of beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene and is known for offering total mental and physical relaxation. With an average THC content of 19%, the effects of this strain can be overwhelming for new consumers or those with low tolerances, but the right amount can keep you at ease and happy as a clam. 

4. Bubba Kush 

Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant strain known for its cerebral calming effects. Bubba Kush is packed with beta-caryophyllene and generally offers a strong body high favored amongst users who experience physical pain or mental agitation. Whatever your reason for trying Bubba Kush, it’s likely to help you kick your feet up and take a load off. 

5. Grand Daddy Purple 

A famous indica strain bred by crossing Mendo Purps with Skunk and Afghanistan, Grand Daddy Purple offers a delicious grape aroma and a beautiful purple appearance. Known mainly for its ability to relax the mind, Grand Daddy Purple has an average THC content of 17% and is great for nighttime use. With dominant terpene myrcene, along with pinene, and beta-caryophyllene, consumers can expect to feel relaxed and sleepy after a session with Grand Daddy Purple. 

6. Blue Dream 

Although Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant cultivar, it is known for its calming effects and full-body relaxation. Blue Dream is packed with myrcene and pinene, making it a great strain to try if you want to unwind after a long workday. Bred by crossing Blueberry and Haze, lovers of Blue Dream note its long-lasting and uplifting effects. 


GG4 is one of the best strains for achieving a full-body high and heavy-head relaxation. A beta-caryophyllene dominant strain, GG4 is frequently used by patients with symptoms of insomnia or restlessness but is loved by adult-use consumers as well. Expect to be so relaxed you don’t even want to get off the couch or out of bed after a session with GG4.

8. Purple Punch 

Bred by crossing Larry OG with Granddaddy Purp, Purple Punch is famously known for offering euphoric mental effects and heavy body sedation. Often used to help with sleeplessness, Purple Punch’s most dominant terpenes are beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and pinene. If you’re looking for something to help you unwind physically and mentally before bed, Purple Punch may be the perfect strain for you. 

9. Cannatonic

The only Cannabidiol (CBD) forward strain to make this list, Cannatonic is produced by crossing MK Ultra and G13 Haze. Known as a powerfully relaxing cultivar, Cannatonic is packed with myrcene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene – all relaxation-inducing or mood-elevating terpenes. Cannatonic is often favored by medical patients seeking treatment for pain or muscle spasms. 

  1. Blackberry Kush 

Bred by crossing Afghani with Blackberry, Blackberry Kush is an indica-dominant strain with relaxing effects. Featuring the terpenes beta-caryophyllene, pinene, and myrcene (are you noticing a theme?), Blackberry Kush is often favored by medical patients as it is excellent for pain management.  

How does cannabis relax you?

Cannabis affects our minds and bodies through the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS), a network of receptors throughout your body and brain responsible for regulating a number of functions, including pain perception, energy levels, and mood. This system works with endocannabinoids, chemicals made by your body, and phytocannabinoids from cannabis closely resemble these chemicals. That allows cannabinoids to help affect the functions the ECS governs as well, including providing relaxation and mood elevation.

One reason cannabis can relax the mind is its ability to affect the production of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter thought to play a significant role in controlling anxiety, stress, and fear. The theory is that THC inhibits GABA neurons and releases the signaling chemical dopamine at higher levels, typically observed in response to naturally rewarding stimuli. Cannabis is also found to lower the stress hormone cortisol when used regularly. 

Researchers from The University of New Mexico found that self-directed use of cannabis flower is associated with significant improvements in “at least short-term feelings of distress in many users.” Based on data from 2,306 patient-directed cannabis administration sessions among 670 people, a decrease in symptom intensity levels was reported in 95.51% of sessions. 

What factors influence if a strain is relaxing?

While indica and sativa are simple ways to classify different cultivars, it’s much more important to look at cannabinoid and terpene profiles to determine whether a strain might be relaxing. 

Cannabinoid profiles tell you which compounds are present in the strain and offer much more insight into what effects to expect. While the two most well-known are THC and CBD, many other cannabinoids can be found in cannabis plants, such as Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabinol (CBN). Strains with a well-balanced ratio of THC and CBD are generally suitable for relaxation. 

A cultivar’s terpene profile, on the other hand, tells you which terpenes are present and in what quantities. Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic compounds responsible for the unique aroma and taste of cannabis and other fruits and plants. There is building evidence that terpenes offer therapeutic effects as well, especially in conjunction with cannabinoids. Terpenes that may be beneficial to relaxation include beta-caryophyllene and myrcene, which are present in many of our favorite strains for relaxation. 

It’s always a good idea to ask your dispensary associate for terpene and cannabinoid profiles when shopping for a new strain. Instead of basing your next purchase on the classification of indica, sativa, or hybrid, base it on the compounds that are actually present in the product.

How to consume cannabis for relaxation

In addition to compound profile, cannabis product type also influences how your consumption experience will go. There are many different product types available in today’s cannabis market. Choosing the right product is a personal decision, and it’s always a good idea to consider your goals and the different consumption options available. 

While inhalation remains the most common method of consumption, it typically provides a much shorter high than options like tinctures or edibles. And while some people find the ritual of rolling and seshing with friends to be relaxing by nature, others prefer quicker, more straightforward options that cut to the chase. 

If you’re seeking precise dosage and long-lasting results, you may consider ingestible products like gummies or tinctures. Flower and pre-rolls may be preferred if you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing session with friends or family. Regardless of why you choose to consume, knowing your goals is the best way to find the right product for you. 

Get some R&R with Iconic Wellness

Ready to relax? Visiting a licensed provisioning center is the best way to get safe, certified products that can help. Shop at Iconic Wellness for various strains and other products perfect for kicking back after a long day. Check out the menus for all three Michigan dispensary locations to place your order online, or stop by to speak with one of our budtenders about your goals. 

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